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  Parents and Student Athletes, Complete Your Activities Registration Online!

Please read  and follow these steps carefully to be fully registered.  IMPORTANT:  You are only registered once ALL steps are completed and all forms are cleared by the Nurse and Athletic Office


Step 1: Athletes must have a current sports  physical exam and health history on file in the Nurses Office.  Physicals are good for 1 year from exact date of last physical.  This must be a hard copy.

A.  If you do not have a physical on file in the nurses office that is less than 1-year old (even if you already played a Fall or Winter Sport) , fill out the next 2 forms.

Download the Physical Form Here   (for all athletes who do not have a physical on file that is less than 1 year old)

Download the Full Health History Form Here  (for all atheltes who are required to hand in the physical form above)

B.  If you already played a Fall or Winter Sport and have a current physical on File (less than 1 year old), You only need to fill out the Health History Update Below***

Health History Update (for those who played a Fall Sport and whose Physical is current (less than 1 year old)


If you have Asthma, or a life threatening allergy you will need to update the MD orders for the 2013-14 school year. Students will not be eligible to practice without current MD orders on file. Students can drop off completed Asthma and allergy forms to the Health Office or they may be faxed to 973 838 2786.  **Filled out 1 time per year**

Download the Allergy Form Here

Download the Asthma Form Here


If you chose to have a school physical in June, we should have it on file.  Once you meet with your coach and have your name placed on the roster, your coach will check with the school nurse to make sure your paperwork is in order.  You will be notified if it is not.  It is then your responsibility to follow up and make sure everything is complete.
If you choose to go to your own doctor, you must download the forms above.  You must fill out the health history completely and have your doctor fill out the entire Physician Form  (including vision).  Once this is done, you must bring both forms to the school nurse (by October 22nd for the Winter Season)

If you choose, you can also scan the documents and submit them so we have them on file in this database.  ***Please note that NJ Law requires a hard copy be kept in the students file in the nurses office and You Must Submit A Hard Copy Of Both Forms As Well.  Submit completed Physical Forms online.


Step 2: Fill out the Spring Pre-Season Athletic Packet (if you have not played another sport at KHS this year) and submit it online. Eligibility Information Document.


Step 2a: 
Fill out the Spring Pre-Season Athletic Packet (if you already played a Fall or Winter Sport this year) and submit it Online.  Click Here

Step 3:  Hand in a hard copy of the Emergency Card (needs to be completed each season).  This can be obtained in the Athletic Office, Nurses Office or from your coach.

Step 4:  Pay your Activity Fee online.   (If you already played another sport or paid a Tier 1 Activity Fee, you can skip this step.  If you paid a Tier II Activity Fee, please click on the link to pay Tier III).

Once you complete these steps, your coaches will be informed if you have been cleared to participate in your sport.  They will communicate this information to you. 

 Step 5:  Winter Practice Schedules and Information on your selected sport here-   Individual Sports Activity/Info Packets